By utilising our entire facility and it’s unique ambience, Xovar Lounge can offer a range of event options. Intimate private functions in....... We are fully capable of hosting your ceremony and we can individually tailor and cost your big day as required.
Xovar Lounge is a prime venue for all event types and sizes. Our decked seating area can accommodate 64 guests. The outdoor bar area, 54 guests. The Indoor Lounge area, 26 guests. The outside open area seats 1,500 guests banquet style or 3,000 guests conference/theatre style or if standing, 4,500 guests.
Our restaurant offers local and International mouth-watering meals for all palates, alongside a well-stocked bar with over 500 known brands of liquor and a wide array of cocktails. When catering for events, our inspired chefs can also create customized menus to delight and impress your guests.
Apart from the delicious meals and drinks available at our location, We also deliver the same right to your doorstep. We offer food delivery services to homes and offices within Lekki and Victoria Island. Delivery services are between 1pm and 6pm and attract a N500 delivery charge.
Complementing the Xovar Ambience
Enjoy sweeet discounts during Lunch hours